When we mention Mind over Body healing, we are talking about the connection our mind has on our body. Science now is proving how meditation is improving health on all levels and is a great tool to integrate into your daily life.

For a more literature based material I would recommend the follow book as it touches on a lot of various topics of our spiritual self from the history of humans to the geometric make-up of our DNA – The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol 1 & 2 book by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

It is always best to practise one system that includes a meditation whether it be Breathing Meditiation, Mind full meditation or one from your favourite Yogi / Buddhist book, find one that works for you. This will create balance of character and a flexible mind-body connection.

If you are new and do not practice a material art or other activity that involves a meditation segment, I would recommend a China system called, Falun Dafa.¬†They support many countries and have provided online video instruction’s of the exercises involved.


Beliefs shape & create our reality

My belief creates my reality or The thoughts that I hold creates my reality Have you ever found that, what you believe in, determines the experiences you have and the events that get drawn towards you? For instance, someone who does not believe in reiki energy healing...