Carl Sagan said it perfectly, the smallest particles that our body is made up of is mainly nothing, empty space! Take a deep breath and let that sink in. Find your inner space, that’s deep

Like the environment that we are within, the majority of it is space. So lets take it a little further to say that, whatever we fill the space creates the general ambience of the environment. The colours, decorations and any other objects within the space give off an energy or vibe, that change the atmospheric energy in that environment. This is a universal principle that can be applied to the tiniest cells that make up the body, extending all the way out to the entire planet and cosmos. We as conscious beings are able to affect the ambient atmosphere and be aware of that fact is a skill we should utilise for the good of all.

One statement that has been drilled into us as children but has been highly overlooked (probably due to its overuse) is, “You are what you eat” or, “You become that, which you eat”. Since we are made up of atoms that are empty space, what foods you fill your atmosphere creates your inner ambience – how you feel about your self which then gets extended outwardly to how you feel about others & the world around you.

If you want to feel good then we can start by eating that which makes you feel good. And I’m not talking about that krispy kreme glazed doughnut, although that might work temporarily, I am talking about foods that fill your body with real vitality and allow a flow of radiant health throughout all organs in your body.

Below I have put together a few ways that we can start to provide true nourishment to our bodily cells and create a joyous atmosphere for all of life. If are coming in from the storm and have had real health issues, then please check out our consultancy page for further help & guidance or send us a message on our facebook page for a chat.


I have provided several options for you to explore. Each path we take will be different, so find one that resonates with you!






Choose a Vegan option in your local supermarket. It’s never been this easy.

Compassionate shopping is just a choice away.

Invest in a Water Distiller and purify your tap water or bottle water in your own home.

Water is considered a vital element to all life. In this ‘modern’ world, tap water is no longer safe to drink (unoffocially quoted) as the currently purification method uses harsh chemicals & anti-bacterial compounds that are left in our water and we end up drinking. No fear though! A simple solution is available, an investment in one of these Megahome water Distillers can take your practice of heal thy self to the next level.


Another tool to add to your heal thy self lifestyle is the timeless ENEMA kit. Amazon have this kit you can check out. We recommend distilled water with fresh lemon juice only solution in your enema bag.

There are a number of benefits associated with the enema procedure, before you do try one, ensure you read instructions on how-to take one and the potential side effects, if any. One major benefit to note that the enema solutions will break down the un-eliminated waste that builds up in the colon and lower intestines.

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